The period for accepting applications for the 2008-2010 Tour has ended. We look forward to having you apply again for a future Tour!

If interested, simply email Karl Leitzel. He will contact you when there is an opening.

About the World Tour

The World Tour of Contemporary Landscape Artists continues in 2008, with venues in Colorado, British Columbia,Florida and more with an addition of 12 juried artists, who will join the 18 signature members of International Plein Air Painters and charter members of Landscape Artists International.

From these 30 artists, you'll see dozens of beautiful landscapes from around the world, reflecting the many locales, styles, and mediums of the participants. There is something for every lover of fine art, from precisely rendered realism to classical and contemporary impressionism, and on into boldly expressionistic work. Both organizations recognize the validity and value of the unique creative spirit behind each member's work. If you find a piece that you fall in love with, arrangements can be made for purchase from the artist, either on site at a show venue or through the contact information on this web site.

We truly believe that this tour is an idea whose time has come, and one that will grow in stature and reach with each passing year.

International Plein Air Painters


International Plein Air Painters (IPAP), is a blanket organization created for the sole purpose of advancing the execution and enjoyment of plein-air painting without the restrictions and limitations of borders or regions.

Plein-air painting groups have traditionally been regional, due to the nature of their works. By 2001, with the internet, the time had come to cross these barriers and interract on a scope not before seen. In 2002 the first WORLDWIDE Paint Out was launched. Participants from 13 countries participated. Each group organized their own location and simultaneously around the globe artists painted on the same weekend.

2008 will be the 6th year for this event. Why give up the comfort of being in a studio painting? Plein-air painters gladly brave the elements because, to them, nothing compares to the excitement of painting from life! Membership restricted to plein-air painters and benefactors.

Landscape Artists International


LAI is a collective effort by member artists from around the globe to increase the appreciation of landscape-oriented art by people of all walks of life, and to promote the careers of the member artists. The organization debuted online on June 1, 2006 with 12 charter members representing seven countries. In less than a year, LAI has grown to more than 200 members representing at least 20 countries.

We believe that the internet allows an unprecedented direct connection between the artist and the public. LAI is not a selling gallery, but seeks to help those who appreciate landscape art connect with professional artists who maintain their own web presence. We also seek to promote communication and cooperation among member artists.

Membership is granted through a jurying process and is based on the professional artistic standards and quality of web presence of the applicant. LAI welcomes a broad range of artistic approaches to depicting the landscape.