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Member Artists: Continental Europe

Petra Ackermann
Jade, Germany

Painting by Petra Ackermann

"Valle de la Luna"
60x80cm, Oil on canvas

Painting by Petra Ackermann

"Sunny Clouds"
60x73cm, Oil on canvas

Alberto Bertoldi
Piacenza, Italy

Alberto Bertoldi was born in 1955.  With the exception of a brief period of time spent at the Art School of Brera from 1974 to 1975, he can be considered a self-taught artist.  Alberto’s paintings portray majestic views with expressionistic and romantic accents.  All his subjects are strongly influenced by the life he has spent in the mountains.

His father, also a painter, encouraged his interest in art.  Alberto’s first personal exhibition was in 1973 in Saint Vincent, and was soon followed by others. He looks to the ancient artists for inspiration, especially those of northern Europe.

After a period away from painting, he began to exhibit his works again in 1992.  As the public and art critics alike developed a taste for his art, he was able to abandon all other endeavors and concentrate only on his art.  From 1992 until the present, he has participated in approximately 30 personal exhibitions.

Painting by Alberto Bertoldi

100x90cm, Oil on canvas

Painting by Alberto Bertoldi

"Ascoltando il Vento "
90x110cm, Oil on canvas

Manuel Casa Branca
Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal

The Oak-plantations of Alentejo are called “Montado”. This space is one of ritual, a landscape built throughout thousands of years. Manuel Casa Branca gets from its symbols, (the cork tree, the dolmen, the menir) the elements that create his painting

In a concerned look with the constant aggression on the ecologic and historic patrimony, he finds in the cork tree the symbol of all fallen trees, of all the ecosystems in danger. The painting of a place could be a call of alert for a globalisation without scruple. A solution of balance between forest and man also emanates from these trees. When man takes care of cork trees, they offer him many gestures of millenary choreographies.
Researching about painting is also his task.

Figuration is thought and built over the elements of plastic language, and exploited by the contemporaneity. Those environments are crossed in several ways.

Painting by Manuel Casa Branca

"Dolmen; 2H; 2; Testos"
100x160cm, Oil on canvas

Painting by Manuel Casa Branca

"Quercus suber;3; 15; Freixo do meio"
30x85cm, Oil on canvas (left)

"Quercus suber;3; 13; S. Mateus"
30x85cm, Oil on canvas (right)

Alan Burden
Malaga, Spain

"In my work I try to incorporate  the external, topographical landscape and, at the same time, make references to the interior , crystallographic structure that defines these forms. Whilst influenced  by my earlier life as a metallurgist these images are but memories of internal structures, not factually correct configurations. They attempt to convey the timeless nature of the forms  and thus make little reference to ephemeral features.

Earlier paintings do make references to ephemeral features and also include references to actual places. Different visual viewpoints , climate changes and the like are interpreted in the geometric structures incorporated in my work. For the last 23 years I have been mainly concerned with the study of the Spanish landscape."

Painting by Alan Burden

"Topographical Abstract"
46.5x64.5cm, Watercolour

Painting by Alan Burden

"Topographical Abstract
(After Michelangelo) "
155x122.5cm, Mixed technique on Marine Ply

Felicia Trales Carlos
Mora, Portugal

Felicia was born in Binis, in Romania, on August 6, 1963. Since 2002 she has lived in Mora, Portugal. She studied painting in the Popular School of Art of Resita in her home country, and she has taken many private painting lessons.

Felicia is a member, since 1999, of the "Uniunea Artistilor Plastici din Romania", branch office of Resita. She also is part of the association "Artistes Peintres Independants Ariegeois" of France, being nominated as corresponding member for the eastern countries.

In 2006 she won the award for fast painting given by the Montemor-o-Novo City council.
She also has works in private collections in several countries in Europe and the United States."

Painting by Felicia Trales Carlos

"Sobreiros III"
39x31in, Oil on canvas

Painting by Felicia Trales Carlos

"Sobreiros II"
39x31in, Oil on canvas

Giorgio Maria Griffa
Biella, Italy

Giorgio Maria Griffa was born in Italy, in 1944. His water colours have been exhibited in galleries all over the world and accounts of his trips have been published in numerous magazines in Italy and abroad. He wrote and illustrated the volume 'Breakfast and Brunch' (1988). In 1995 he published 'Tierra del Fuego'. In 1998 he travelled in the Antarctic and South Georgia painting the old abandoned whale stations and followed the epic voyage of the explorer Ernest Shackleton. 'Water-colour Journeys' (1999), came out the following year. In 2005 he published 'The Stevenson's Lighthouses'.

"There are those who have to be the first to climb peaks, cross seas and tramp across lands to feel great emotions. As for me, I think it is enough to travel alone to render many emotions unique. I do not think one needs a machete to make way for emotions. So, painting a number of wrecks found who knows where, a lighthouse, an empty urban landscape or a deserted station, becomes an adventure for me."

Painting by Giorgio Maria Griffa

"Fondamenta S. Anna, Venezia"
30x22in, Watercolour on paper

Painting by Giorgio Maria Griffa

"Grytviken, South Georgia"
22x30in, Watercolour on paper

Barbara Jaskiewicz
Wroclaw, Poland

Barbara JASKIEWICZ (Barbara Jaskiewicz-Socewicz) was born in 1957 in Wroclaw (Poland) the city where she still resides.  There too she graduated from Wroclaw University of Technology with a BA in Architecture.

Barbara paints in impressionistic style oil using a palette knife, thus insuring a rich and intriguing texture.  She has a wide range of subject matter.  She excels in painting the landscapes and cityscapes of her native land as well as the ancient Provencal towns and Mediterranean ports of Europe.  Her landscape and cityscape compositions are usually joined by genre scenes of picnics, portraits of ladies in hats and of children picking flowers. Barbara JASKIEWICZ is recognized as a  professional painter by the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts. Her oil paintings have been exhibited in galleries since 1984 and can be seen in private and public collections in the world.

Painting by Barbara Jaskiewicz

"Afternoon Stroll"
22x29in, palette knife oil on linen

Painting by Barbara Jaskiewicz

"En Plein Air"
16x20in, palette knife oil on linen

Frances Knight
Roermond, Netherlands





Vitali Komarov   Charter Member
Lednice, Czech Republic

"Nature is the teacher and it is nature that teaches me to see the subject and gives me an immense feeling of love."

Vitali Komarov is an artist who enjoys working from nature. Embedded in the European tradition, he has been strongly inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, developing further the techniques and vision introduced by the master. Vitali's paintings are full of life, with every season offering many wonderful subjects. His vision of the world is full of hope; his colours are bright, yet sensitive. His paintings uplift the spirit and promise new beginnings. What really matters to him is to be truthful and simple in conveying his vision to his audience.

Vitali lives in the Czech republic but has travelled widely to find inspiration for his work. To see his exquisite collection, please visit his website. Enjoy browsing through the pages, and don't forget about the walls in your house - they should not be left bare!

Oil painting by Vitali Komarov

"Spring Park Alley "
30x28in, Oil on canvas

Oil painting by Vitali Komarov

"Sunlit Trees "
20x22in, Oil on canvas

Monika Lederbauer

I share my birthday (7.7) with Marc Chagall; with W.A.Mozart I share my love for music. My life, as well, has two focal points: my 1st vocation as a specialist for internal medicine and, since 2002 after an accident (1997) and setting new priorities, exclusively as an artist

• Internat. Summer Academy of Fine Arts Salzburg (A) 2005, 2006
•University of applied Arts Vienna (A) 2006
•Journey for studies to China (2006)

Awards: Hollfeld (D) 2006, Intern. Zauberbergprice 2006, 2005 (winner),2004
Solo and group exhibitions in Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Bulgaria.

"I'm feeling with my eyes, hearing with my soul and thinking through my
heart! Via my paintings I try to express things I'm hearing, seeing and
feeling!" Now, I'm especially interested in expressive working - landscapes and nude
studies. For me it is magic to make the immaterial visible through the use
of light and colour!

Painting by Monica Lederbauer

"Blue Mee/hR"
85x100cm, Egg Tempera and
Oil on canvas

Painting by Monica Lederbauer

"Blue - Berge"
110x90cm, Acrylic on canvas

Beate Leinmüller
Iggingen, Germany

I've been engaged in painting from my earliest youth. Alongside my career in software development I've been painting whenever I've had time for it. I started with acrylic and pastel. Since 2007 I've also using tempera paint. I was taught this technique by Veronica Olma. For me painting is a continuing adventure and each picture is a new challenge and a learning experience. With my creations I want to express the beauty of life, especially the fascinating pulchritude of landscapes. My favourite country therefore is Scotland and each visit to the Highlands is full of inspiration.

Painting by Beate Leinmüller

"Old Man of Storr"

Painting by Beate Leinmüller

"Eilean Donan"

Spartaco Lombardo
Brebbia, Italy

Spartaco Lombardo was born in Luino, Italy; by the Lake Maggiore, the 26th of March 1958. A modern figurative painter, he has displayed his works in personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad and he has entered many national and international contests. His works are in private and institutional art collections. His occupational activity in the pictorial field began in 1981.

“Artist, who has mastery command of the colour and the drawing, Spartaco Lombardo needs, however, to create a figurative scheme that starts from the sign, an outline sometimes functional to centre and to concentrate the tale, in which some symbolical elements clearly coexist. He can combine the oniric/representive moment with the purely real part with remarkable balance. So the drawing is for the artists a sort of stake used to close and contain is own explosive imagination. After having created this sort of mail he begins the as beautiful operativeness that is the chromatic magic.”

 Paolo Levi



Painting by Spartaco Lombardo

60x180cm, Oil on canvas


Painting by Spartaco Lombardo

"Fall Colours"
70x100cm, Oil on canvas

Victoria Nagel
Lorch, Germany

Painting is my passion and I started painting during my childhood in Russia. But I became more passionate about painting after moving to Germany. I'm a self-taught person and I'm learning through experience and also through my mistakes. My favorite medium is acrylic painting. The way I create my paintings and the paintings themselves are the counterpart to everyday life. Based on this I can live my dream to see the world more brightly, with more colour and more harmon than it has or could have. With my art I want to give a little bit of that positive feelings to the beholder.



Painting by Victoria Nagel


Painting by Victoria Nagel


Elisabeth Ochsenfeld
Heidelberg, Germany



Painting by Elisabeth Ochsenfeld

150x100cm (tryptich)


Karina Plachetka





Tarmo Roosimolder
Harjumaa, Estonia

I was born in Tallinn, Estonia in 1970 and graduated from Tallinn Secondary Scientific School in 1988, after studying geology at Tartu State University, Estonia. Autodidact in arts.

While I was studying geology I started to paint with oils and make intaglio prints. My main theme has been imaginary landscapes with few human beings. What is important to me is portraying the bones of the Earth. My skies are huge and cloudless, with a low horizon so you can feel the space.

I'm using old painting techniques as much as possible. Most of my linen canvases I stretch myself and ground them first with rabbit skin glue and then glue-based gesso, using no acrylics at all. Recently, I have made brush drawings on wooden panels which I also prepare myself.

You can find a full list of my exhibitions and art activities on my webpage.
I’m a member of the Estonian Artists Union and Estonian Printmakers Association. 

Painting by Tarmo Roosimolder

"Tyrisalu Cliff"
65x65 cm, Oil on canvas

Painting by Tarmo Roosimolder

"Foggy Walk on High"
100x100 cm, Oil on linen

Deborah Waller
Urciers, France

I am surrounded by nature and as part of my personality I have  a their significance till now.

Now I pick up rocks and stones, old slates and tiles and grind them to make pigment. I make my own paper from recycled materials and plant fibres. I make glues and binders from environmentally friendly as possible and still have fun creating it.

I have swapped my massive array of acrylic paints and inks for nature's palette. My work has improved because of it. My paintings will probably not make a difference to the earth or the environment but every little bit helps.

Painting by Debra Waller

"Celtic Fields"
Natural earth pigments & gold leaf on canvas (acrylic binder)

Painting by Debra Waller

"Carcassone Sun"
Natural earth pigments, semi-precious gems & gold leaf on canvas (acrylic binder)


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