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Member Artists: Latin America

Marcello José Bencardini Jardim

“I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream.”
                                                   Vincent Van Gogh

My painting is my way, and it can only exist when I am painting. My way is my urge to honor the beauty of the colors, shapes and light that makes the Mantiqueira mountains, the place where I live, so real. Painting is my own dream of integrity and freedom.

Painting by Marcello Jardim

"Mantiquiera View 6"
15x25cm, Oil on panel (plein air)

Painting by Marcello Jardim

"Mantiquiera View 5"
100x120cm, Oil on canvas

Sandra Nunes   Charter Member
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Brazilian fine artist Sandra Nunes is in love with her native city, Rio de Janeiro, her main source of inspiration. She often creates her painting on the city streets, where  passers by, who are frequently part of her subject, often  stop to interact with her. Strolling through the city's urban, suburban and bucolic sites, she interprets and recreates in a passionate mood the relationship between shapes and colors. Blessed by pleasant weather throughout the year, Rio de Janeiro is a constant invitation to plein air painting.

"Painting outdoors under the diverse climate conditions increases the emotional charge of my work. I hope my paintings are not just iconographic representations, but reflect a deep insight into the subject. Some of these works may display the beauty I see in Nature and the passion for the pigments, whether oil, pastel or charcoal. A painting with integrity speaks for itself."

"Santa Teresa"
92x73cm, Oil on canvas

"Iate Clube, Urca"
46x61cm, Oil on canvas


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