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Member Artists: Eastern United States (A-D)

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Nancy Albrecht   
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Albrecht is an oil painter whose current focus is urban and rural landscapes. According to Robert Kameczura, Arts Writer and Critic, "Albrecht's Chicago views are executed in a raw painterly style, done almost exclusively with palette knives, laid on in thick textured layers with small touches of lyrical bright color. Beyond this rough but attractive surface, Albrecht's work often carries a strong symbolic theme of regeneration."

Texture and geometric form plays a big role in her decisions about where to set up and paint. Her work can be found in over 200 national and worldwide private and corporate collections, as well as national juried shows.

Painting by Nancy Albrecht

"Cedar Creek Covered Bridge"
11x14in, Oil on panel

Painting by Nancy Albrecht

"On Chicago River North Branch "
24x30in, Oil on birch board

Linda Apriletti   
Miami Springs, Florida, USA





Nancy Asbell   
Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Nancy Asbell's ‘Florida Horizons' conjure up a menagerie of raw emotions and will entertain your emotions to no end. Gazing into these vivid windows, your imagination runs wild in rivers of grass and skylines of Sabal palms. Nancy Asbell captures that summer evening's vibrant sunset just as you remembered it, when your camera could never do the moment justice. You find solace in these Florida Horizons, and will return to them for years to come.

Growing up in Florida I have fallen in love with our beautiful skies, marshes, and wildlife. My current series "Florida Horizons" celebrates this desire to call attention to the Florida that I grew up with, the Florida that is slipping away, and the Florida that is around us every day. As a Lupus survivor I am an advocate for Lupus awareness and 10% of all of my proceeds are donated to the Florida Lupus Association.

Painting by Nancy Asbell

"Clyde's Backyard"
24x24in, Acrylic

Painting by Nancy Asbell

"Ten Palms"
36x36in, Acrylic

Sandy Askey-Adams   
Churchville, Pennsylvania, USA

Emerson's advice was "go out to walk with a painter."  By that he meant, when walking side by side with a painter, you will see for the first time the landscape as you never saw it before.

Every painting is an experience of life, part of the journey, and I love that journey. Just gazing at a tree with its twists and turns is exciting. Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. When I look at our natural surroundings, the landscape, the ocean and sands of the beach, the blades of grass, the rippling waters, the sweet blossoms of spring, the serene greens of summer, there is no question of what inspires me.

So yesterday, today and always while on my journey through life, with a whispered prayer, I aspire to capture that spirit, serenity, peace and beauty of nature in the hope that your spirit will experience a tranquil uplifting if even for a few moments in time.  I invite you to join me on that journey.

Painting by Sany Askey-Adams

"Shadows at Callaway Gardens"
14x17.5in, Soft pastels on Wallis paper

PAinting by Sandy Askey-Adams

"Winter Woods at Sunset"
13.5x17.5in, Soft pastels on Wallis paper

Lyn Asselta 
St. Augustine, Florida, USA

I love to walk. I’m sure that this is how I developed such a love of the landscape. When one takes the time to move slowly and deliberately through a place, it is as if you are allowed to own it for that time. You become intimately acquainted with the shadows and the light, the movement, the sounds, the temperature of these places. When I paint a landscape, I have a similar feeling and it becomes important to make the attempt to translate what I feel and what I see onto the paper in front of me. As I paint, it’s inevitable that I get to know the place I’m painting. The challenge and the goal for me are the same, to create images that allow someone else to feel as connected to these places as I do.

Painting by Lyn Asselta

"As the Day Brightens Up"
8x10in, Pastel on paper

Painting by Lyn Asselta

"Pointy Firs"
14x11in, Pastel on paper

J. R. Baldini   
Niagara Falls, New York, USA

Jacqueline Baldini is a native New Yorker living and working in Niagara Falls, Canada. Her paintings hang in private and public collections in the US, Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada and Europe.

She is the founder of International Plein Air Painters and is a past program speaker for the PPA International Convention. Jacqueline has conducted workshops for the Professional Photographers of America School of  Photography in Atlanta and for the Central Adirondack Art Center in Old Forge, NY, and conducts an annual workshop on Monhegan Island, Maine ,St, Lucia , West Indies and numerous workshops in Niagara.

Jacqueline paints en plein air (outdoors). A focus of her work for over thirty years has been Monhegan Island in Maine, where her plein air method means she experiences the atmosphere on Monhegan-the gulls calling, the surf pounding, the wind singing, the fog rolling in and then captures it in her original paintings.

Painting by J R Baldini

"Monhegan Cove in Fog"
8x20in, Oil on panel

Painting by J R Baldini

"Niagara American Mist"
31x38in, Acrylic on canvas

Lenore Barnett, NOAPS   
Hendersonville, North Carolina, USA

Exciting color is probably the most unifying element of my varied subject matter.  I’m highly motivated by strong, dramatic contrasts, in color, composition or atmosphere, and usually find that I prefer an intimate viewpoint.  I often paint en plein air, and look for subjects that reflect man’s effect on the environment.  All of my works result from the emotional thrill I get from visual beauty, and my need to interpret it.  My style is representational with forays into impressionism when the subject particularly asks for it.

I’m a signature member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society.  I’ve been included in juried shows all over the country and have received several awards from the American Artists Professional League and from the Salmagundi Club, as well as an Honorable Mention from the Artists’ Magazine, among many others.  Several prominent artists, such as Ted Goerschner, Burt Silverman, Everett Ray Kinstler and Mary Todd Beam have honored me with awards.

Painting by Lenore Barnett

"Sheltering Pines"
18x24in, Oil

Painting by Lenore Barnett

12x24in, Oil

Malcolm Baroway   
Columbus, Ohio, USA

A long time ago, Malcolm Baroway was supposed to become a painter. Instead, he became a writer and enjoyed a 40-year career. Influenced by European Modernists such as Munch, Marquet, Kirchner, and Sisley, he only began to paint professionally in 2001 and soon was doing solo shows and winning juried awards.  Malcolm considers himself a Modernist, as well, never abstract, but more a Post-Impressionist and Expressionist than Impressionist.

He is represented by galleries in Boulder, Co. and Columbus, O. and his work is in collections throughout the USA. His memberships include the American Impressionist Society and Oil Painters of America, and he is seeking more galleries to represent him.

Painting by Malcolm Baroway

"Central Park West"
18x24in, Oil on canvas

Painting by Malcolm Baroway

"Le Rue des Saules"
18x24in, Oil on canvas

Nancy Bass   
Charlottesville, VA, USA





John W. Bellinger   
Silver Spring, Maryland, USA





Bobbie Berg   
New Jersey, USA



Painting by Bobbie Berg

"October Morning"
8x24in, Acrylic on canvas


Painting by Bobbie Berg

"Warm Summer Dreams"
8x24in, Acrylic on canvas

Debbie Boon   
St. Augustine, Florida, USA

Debbie is a native Floridian and a graduate of the University of North Florida. She has had a rich and varied artistic life. A professional clogger, musician and singer-songwriter, Debbie became a fixture on the St. Augustine music scene. Her artistic endeavors turned to the visual arts after being introduced to oil painting in the mid 1990s. She then redirected her life to concentrate on the challenges of that medium. Debbie works en plein air (on location) and in the studio.

She is an artist-in-residence at the Old St. Augustine Village and a member of Plein Air Painters of St. Augustine. Her goal as an artist is to continue to learn from the experience of painting and to paint as much as possible.

Painting by Debbie Boon


Painting by Debbie Boon


William Borden   
Hanover, Indiana, USA

A freshman class at the Cleveland Institute of Art triggered Bill’s love of transparent watercolors. While working as an automobile designer he took every opportunity to paint in his spare time and after retirement moved to southern Indiana to become a full time painter in the midst of his favorite subject matter. His primary focus is now plein air landscape painting and he is one of the original members of the Indiana Plein Air Painters Association. He was chosen as one of ten contributors to their recently published book, Painting Indiana 2, The Changing Face of Agriculture.

He holds signature membership in the American Watercolor Society, Watercolor USA Honor Society and the Watercolor Society of Indiana. His work can be found at the Brown County Artists Guild in Nashville, IN, the Hoosier Salon galleries in Indianapolis and New Harmony, IN and the Madison Art Club Gallery in Madison, IN

Painting by William Borden

"First and Church, New Harmony"
10x14.5in, Transparent watercolor on Arches 140 C.P.

Painting  by William Borden

"St. Mary's, Brookville"
14x10.5in, Transparent watercolor on Arches 140 C.P.

Robbie Boyd   
Pontotoc, Mississippi, USA

Having grown up in a family of conservationists, Robbie Boyd has an innate love for the land. She paints landscapes around her Pontotoc, Mississippi home as well as scenes from her travels. She is an award-winning artist with paintings in public and private collections from Hollywood to New York. She works in oil, acrylic, charcoal and pastel.

She is a member of Oil Painters of America, Mississippi Painters Society, and Landscape Artists International. She has studied with nationally respected artists Ray Roberts and Pat Walker-Fields.

Painting by Robbie Boyd

"Blessed Assurance"
18x24in, Oil on canvas

Painting by Robbie Boyd

"Cypress Knees"
Oil on canvas

Mark R. Brockman   
Orrtanna, Pennsylvania, USA

I am struck by the grand beauty of nature, but I am most at home with the simple beauty that many would just pass by. It is my goal to show through my paintings that the simple beauty of nature is also worth our notice and care.

"The pastels are done almost exclusively outdoors in front of the subject, where I can get at the true heart of it. In the studio is where most my oils are painted; there I can dream, take my time and delve into the emotion I wish the work to express."

Mark Brockman has participated in numerous shows, has won awards and his painting hang in many private and corporate collections.

Painting by Mark R. Brockman

28x42in, Oil

Painting by Mark R. Brockman

"The Fallen"
30x48in, Oil

William Brody   
Holly, Michigan, USA

Painting by William Brody

"Along the Way"
16x20in, Acrylic on Board

Painting by William Brody

"The Watcher"
24x30in, Acrylic on Board

Bruce Bundock   
Kingston, New York, USA

Bruce Bundock is an award winning artist and graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art, earning his B.F.A. in 1974. Additional studies include Silvermine College of Art, Artists for Environment Foundation, Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies and The Williamstown Art Conservation Center. He is currently working on his Masters degree.

He draws inspiration from three geographic locations: Maine, Cape Cod, Mass. and New York State’s Hudson Valley, where he resides. “ My art is situated in the realist tradition. I draw and paint in a variety of mediums, finding constant challenge in constructing unique and personal visual representations of the physical world I experience each day.”

His work is in public and private collections. Selected exhibits include: The National Academy of Design, Muscarelle Museum of Art, Brigham Young University, American Artists Professional League, Maryland Institute College of Art, First Street Gallery, Albany Institute of History and Art, Windham Fine Arts, Schenectady Museum, Van Brunt Gallery and Vassar College.

Painting by Bruce Bundock

"Green County #14"
16x28in, Acrylic on canvas

Painting by Bruce Bundock

"Something About Maine"
12x16in, Oil on panel

Keith Burgess   
Hiawassee, Georgia, USA

Keith Burgess resides in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia, USA. He has painted the Appalachian landscape from Pennsylvania down to Georgia. He received a B.A. Degree from Georgia Southwestern State University and has studied with several internationally known painters. He had long a career as a graphic artist/illustrator for a major publishing corporation in Atlanta. In 2003 he left the corporate world to become a full time painter. His works are included in private collections throughout the United States. "I place myself in a long tradition of representational painters who have been inspired by the natural world around us. My painting style is grounded in late 19th century methodology, mainly Impressionism. I find in the landscape a kind of spirituality and truth. Painting has been a constant refuge from loss and transformation, and my way of coming to terms with my place in the world."

Painting by Keith Burgess

"Distant Maples"
12x16in, Oil on linen panel

Painting by Keith Burgess

"Sautee Vista"
6x8in, Oil on linen panel

Kathy Busillo   
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Kathy Busillo graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Illustration, from the University of the Arts. She was a freelance artist in advertising for several years before moving to central Pennsylvania. After taking time off to start her family, Kathy returned to art a few years ago. Kathy teaches impressionist painting, basic oil painting and takes commissions for landscape and portraits.

“What I love most about painting is preserving a small piece of time. I often find myself admiring the colors in an evening or stormy sky, the assorted pinks, blues, purples and yellows of white in snow on a sunny day, or the glittering of leaves against a blue sky. These moments change with the wind, a cloud or the turn of a head yet I find myself compelled to record them.”

Painting by Kathy Busillo

"Dairy Cows"
16x20in, Oil

Painting by Kathy Busillo

"When October Goes"
16x20in, Oil

Jesse Cook   
Palm Coast, Florida, USA





Dot Courson   
Pototoc, Mississippi, USA

Dot Courson, a founding member of the Mississippi Painter’s Society, has been painting all her life. Works include rural landscapes, still life and portraits.  Her award winning paintings can be found in corporate and private collectors all over the US.

Traveling coast-to-coast painting and photographing for studio work, she still prefers the south and familiar landscapes. She has studied with notable professional artists such as Kim English, Robert Johnson, Ray Roberts, David Leffel, Michael Shane Neal, and landscape artist Roger Dale Brown.

Her goal in painting is to be honest and remind the viewer of the simple beauty of the ever-changing landscape. Her painting style has been described as modern impressionistic representational. She is thankful for the blessings of a talent that God gave her in this life: to paint- and to share it with others!

She is represented by Southern Breeze Gallery in Jackson, MS and the Brick Gallery in Clarksdale, MS.

PAinting by Dot Courson

"Natches Trace, Tupelo, MS"
40x30in, Oil on canvas

Painting by Dot Courson

"Peace in the Valley"
30x40in, Oil on canvas

Mary Ann Davis   
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Mary Ann works primarily “en plein-air” painting on location and figures from life in oils and pastels. She captures the colors of nature using an impressionistic style. Since her paintings are done en plein air, they reflect the immediacy of the time and place.

She has won awards in regional and national competitions, and her work can be found in collections throughout the U.S.

Mary Ann Davis earned her BFA from Herron School of Art, majoring in lithography, and studied painting under Antonious Raemaekers, Lois Griffel and Carolyn Anderson. She has worked as a designer in the graphic design field since 1978, and founded Davis Graphic Design in 1991.

Painting by Mary Ann Davis

"Brookville Barn"
16x20in, Pastel

Painting by Mary Ann Davis

"Field of Bales"
18x24in, Oil on canvas

Lucia deLeiris   
Waltham, Massachusetts, USA

Lucia deLeiris, a wildlife and landscape painter, has been awarded three grants by the National Science Foundation Artists and Writers Program to work in Antarctica.  She spent a total of ten months at science stations and remote field camps painting for exhibitions and several  books. With a Bachelor of Science in zoology she combines her interests in science and art, in her inquiry into the natural world.

deLeiris' paintings result from her travels to many other parts of the world as well, including the Amazon and Orinoco Rivers, Europe, and most recently, the Russian Arctic.

Galleries and museums showcasing  her solo exhibitions include Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC., Newport Art Museum, Newport, RI, and Harvard Museum of Natural History, Cambridge MA.

Finding inspiration in the natural world, deLeiris seeks to convey the characteristic mood and atmosphere of each environment through her painting.

Painting by Lucia deLeiris

"Twilight on the Channel"
16x20in, Oil on canvas

Painting by Lucia deLeiris

"Porpoising Penguins"
9x12in, Oil on board

Suzanne deLesseps  
South Freeport, Maine, USA

Suzanne deLesseps retired in 1998 from 25 years as a landscape gardener to pursue her art full-time. She has taken oil painting at the Maine College of Art as well as pastel workshops with Master Pastellists, Ben Konis, Bob Rohm and Albert Handell.  From 2001 - 2004 Suzanne studied with Master Pastellist Gail Sauter of Kittery, ME and now meets regularly with a group of five artists who paint, exhibit and travel together. She has won awards for her pastels in Juried Exhibitions in Maine and around the country.

            “As an artist, my work is always evolving and changing. By being intellectually involved and focused on the process of painting and observation I gain a more in-depth and intimate knowledge of the natural landscape. This enables me to create a greater sense of place in my paintings whether working en plein air or in the studio. I love pastels for their immediacy, vibrancy and richness of color.

Painting by Suzanne deLesseps

"Après la pluie"
10.5x8.5in, Pastel

Painting by Suzanne deLesseps

"A Walk in the Woods"
18x14.5in, Pastel

Jack Dickerson   
Hingham, Massachusetts, USA

“I work best from the inside out. Over time my mind has stored snapshots of events, impressions, reactions—and experiential feelings and insights. What I see today causes a powerful connection with these snapshots from the past. This combination is the source for entirely new images. As my life unfolds, so do my paintings. My work reflects my challenges, accomplishments, anxieties, beliefs, and sense of purpose—they are personal stories.”

Jack shows in group and solo exhibitions in mostly the Northeast, and his paintings hang in private and corporate collections. He has been published in numerous publications including Graphis, Better Homes & Gardens and The Boston Globe, and has received many awards. He is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design and the Allgemeine Gewerbeschule in Basel, Switzerland. He was the recipient of a grant from the Ford Foundation. The artist comes from a family of Dutch architects.

Painting by Jack Dickerson

"Tree Dream #2"
33x36in, Acrylic on canvas

Painting by Jack Dickerson

"Big Birches and Aspens #4"
43x48in, Acrylic on canvas

Charles Dickinson   
St. Augustine, Florida, USA

Charles Dickinson, a plein air painter for more than twenty years, enjoys the earthy experience and the challenges that painting on location affords. He respects the powerful forces in nature and works to capture the light and shadows that reflect the energy and beauty of the environment. Charles works in several mediums but prefers working wet into wet with oil paint. He also enjoys adding imaginary elements to his landscapes.

Charles is an artist-in-residence at the Old St. Augustine Village in St. Augustine, Florida. He is a member of Plein Air Artist of St. Augustine, St. Augustine Art Association, Plein Air Florida, and the Artist Alliance of North Florida. He now lives and works in St. Augustine, Florida but travels as much as possible to record the landscape of America.

Painting by Charles Dickinson


Painting by Charles Dickinson


Ron Donoughe   
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Ron Donoughe has been painting the Pennsylvania landscape for 25 years. His spirited oil paintings depict his everyday life throughout the region. His book, "Essence of Pittsbugh" has just been published. It is a 144 page full color book of his most recent work. The exhibition of the same name has 160 plein air paintings at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. It will travel to The Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art in April, 2007. He will also have an exhibition of industrial paintings at the Canton Museum of Art, Ohio in August, 2007.

Ron teaches painting at LaRoche College and is founder of the Western Pennsylvania Plein Air Painters. His work can be found in the permanent collections of both The Westmoreland Museum of American Art and The Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art.

Painting by Ron Donoughe

"No Outlet"
9x12in, Oil on panel

Painting by Ron Donoughe

"Blawnox Mill"
9x12in, Oil on panel

Carol L. Douglas   
Rochester, New York, USA

Although she was a serious artist as a student, Carol Douglas stopped painting while working and raising a family. A serious battle with cancer propelled her back into painting full time. When she completed treatment, she resumed study in Rochester. The following year she started commuting to New York City every weekend to the Art Students League, where she studied with Joseph Peller, Cornelia Foss and Nicki Orbach. She continues to travel to NYC for occasional workshops with League instructors.

Her paintings have been shown in solo and group shows throughout western New York and in festivals in the northeast and Midwest, including the 44th Annual Chautauqua National Exhibition.  She teaches studio and plein air painting in Rochester and paints primarily to commission.  Douglas is the state coordinator for New York Plein Air Painters:


Painting by Carol L. Douglas

"Shenandoah Valley After Rainstorm"
9x12in, Pastel

Painting by Carol L. Douglas

"Middle Falls at Letchworth"
24x18in, Oil on canvas (plein air)

Linda Dragonette   
Gainesville, Georgia, USA

"Be of your own time and paint of what you see." Edouard Manet

For some reason this quote has followed me through out my career: To paint honestly of my experience.

Linda has been a professional artist for over fifteen years. She founded a non-profit organization for endangered species and created two wildlife posters to raise funds and awareness. Those posters were part of pubic service announcements that appeared in National Geographic Magazine from 1989 to 1992. She is an award winning artist that has been in Regional, National and International Exhibitions. Her work is in private and corporate collections. She is a Member of Excellence in the Southeastern Pastel Society and the Pastel Society of North Florida and is also a juried member of Oil Painters of America.

Painting by Linda Dragonette

"Sunrise on the Lake"
14x22in, Pastel

Painting by Linda Dragonette

30x40in, Oil



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