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Member Artists: Western United States

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Chris Adessa   
Sausalito, California, USA

Chris Adessa is an award-winning oil painter living in Marin County, California, whose Sausalito studio overlooks San Francisco Bay.  She is passionate about the majestic California landscape and glorious climate, and delights in capturing the essence of the landscape on canvas.

She won the Award of Excellence at the California Fine Art Competition and was selected for the Napa Valley Museum Plein Air Biennial.  Her work has been featured in West Marin Wild, a 2005 benefit for the Pt. Reyes National Seashore; and many other shows. A film production company recently selected her to paint a vineyard vista for a national TV and print advertising campaign, and as technical advisor to the director.  Her work is collected internationally and she has exhibited across the U.S. 

Chris studied with painting legends Chester Arnold, Randall Sexton, Armand Cabrera, Brian Blood, Van Waldron and others, since receiving her B.S. in Art Education from Penn State.

Painting by Chris Adessa

9x12in, Oil on panel

Painting by Chris Adessa

"Top of the Valley"
9x12in, Oil on panel


Sherri Aldawood   
Mesa, Arizona, USA

Sherri Aldawood was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois and now resides in Mesa, Arizona.

Although Sherri paints a variety of subjects, she particularly enjoys the excitement and challenge of plein-air painting. She has found that the knowledge gained through plein-air painting is invaluable when painting more studied works in the studio.

Sherri's paintings have been included in many group shows and she is especially excited to have been chosen to exhibit her plein-air paintings in the Nomadas del Arte show to be held in April 2009 at Southwest Gallery in Dallas, Texas.

Painting by Sherri Aldawood

"Courtyard Flowers"
16x12in, Oil on canvas

Painting by Sherri Aldawood

"Waterfalls at Japanese Friendship Garden"
12x20in, Oil on canvas

Chase Almond   
Kennedale, Texas, USA

“For me, the process of painting involves more than just recording what I see. My goal is for the viewer to experience the emotional response that inspired me to paint a subject, to transfer that response to the viewer ‘through’ the painting, so to speak. My technique focuses on conveying this more with color and light than through intricate detail."

Primarily a plein air painter, he has studied with Kim English, Eric Michaels, George Strickland and Quang Ho. "I am attracted to pristine landscapes, but at the same time I'm intrigued by those with human presence or influence." Street and beach scenes are often seen in his work.

One of Chase's paintings was included in the 'PaintAmerica Mini-50' Show for 2008.  This show will travel to several museums and galleries in the coming year.



Painting by Chase Almond

"Big Bend Sunrise"
18x36in, Oil on canvas

Painting by Chase Almond

"Sotol Overlook"
18x36in, Oil on canvas

Tina Bohlman   
Waxahachie, Texas, USA

"Always looking at the world around me with painters eyes, I believe it's  important to think ahead and plan for tomorrow...but an artist must also be in the moment...the now. 

 I discovered watercolor in the early 70’s. To this day, the medium continues to excite and challenge me with the ever-present element of surprise that happens in every painting session. Allowing the paint to “make it’s own path”, my style settles in somewhere between impressionistic and realistic. I have a broad interest for subject matter, but I’m drawn to paint the landscape; from the Gulf Coast of my native Texas to the great Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Watercolor on location (plein air) requires strong technical skills and an extra measure of intestinal fortitude. Aware that my time in a particular moment is short, every stroke must be without hesitation.  It’s a marathon race with the sun every day; spirited, emotional, exhausting….and I love it."

Painting by Tina Bohlman

"Awesome Autumn"
20x24in, Watercolor on 300# Rough Arches

Painting by Tina Bohlman

16x24in, Watercolor on 300# Rough Arches


Donald R. Britton   
Incline Village, Nevada, USA

Don Britton received his first drawing lessons very early in life from his father, an avid amateur landscape painter in New Mexico.  Despite an early start and otherwise being in a family rife with artistic talent his first career took a different path into neuroscience research.  Following a trip back to New Mexico several years ago he began painting full time focusing on landscapes of the West.  Having lived most of his life in the West, currently in the northern Sierra Nevada at Lake Tahoe, the choice of subject matter was a natural.  The work includes grand vistas as well as the subtle beauty of the sage and the quiet pool in the small stream. The paintings usually begin with field trips where quick plein air sketches are made.  These along with numerous photos are taken back to the studio to serve as the source material for the studio paintings.

Painting by Donald R. Britton

"Hidden Falls in Spring"
36x36in, Oil on canvas

Painting by Donald R. Britton

"Merced in Autumn II"
9x12in, Oil on linen

Kristine Bybee   
Sacramento, California, USA




Sandy Byers   
Oak Harbor, Washington, USA

Byers has worked in a variety of media and now concentrates mostly on producing works in oils and pastels. Many of her landscapes and seascapes include scenes from her local area on Whidbey Island in Washington State. Also well known for her heartfelt and expressive paintings of animals, Byers is dedicated to supporting animal welfare organizations.

"When I'm not painting, I'm thinking about painting. I love every part of the process and I hope that is what shows when you view my art. Though I am a very private person, art is a way for me to openly share my thoughts, emotions, knowledge, and respect for this tremendous gift that brings me so many ways to discover and enjoy the world around me."

Painting by Sandy Byers

"Waking Texas Bluebonnets"
11x14in, Soft pastel on paper

Painting by Sandy Byers

"Where the Heart Meets the Sea"
18x20in, Soft pastel on paper

Jacquelyn Kammerer Cattaneo, PSWC, APSC, PSA   
Gallup, New Mexico, USA

Jacquelyn Kammerer Cattaneo was born in Gallup, NM and grew up experiencing the unique atmosphere of the Southwest. As a spectator of many ethnic groups and the hypnotic light that enhances the New Mexico landscape, she has developed an intuitive approach to her subject’s aura, be it a portrait, tree or landscape. Her ability to capture an individual’s inner essence as well as a vibrant likeness enhances the increasing demand for her sensitive paintings.

Jacquelyn is listed in Who’s Who in American Art, a signature member of The Pastel Society of the West Coast {PSWC}, holding a double membership in oil and soft pastel in the Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club since 1984, and was awarded permanent certification by The American Portrait Society {APSC} in 1985. She has earned a signature membership in The Pastel Society of America {PSA}. Her work was included in The International Artist Magazine in 2005, featuring a soft pastel landscape.

Painting by Jacquelyn Kammarer Cattaneo

"Dawn at El Morro"
18x24in, Soft Pastel/sand board

Painting by Jacquelyn Kammerer Cattaneo

"St. John's Parish, Houck, AZ"
18x24in, Soft Pastel/sand board

Kathleen Cavender   
Spokane, Washington, USA

Kathleen is a native of Washington State and a fourth generation professional artist. Her great grandfather supported a family of twelve on his art at the turn of the century in London. His sketchbook became her inspiration throughout her childhood. “I have always had a deep love for form and began painting in oils at a very early age.”

Born in 1953, her mother began selling her paintings by the time she was eleven years old. Her obvious love for light and color has caught the eye of many private and corporate collectors. Among them, Boeing Corporation, British Petroleum and the SAFECO® Insurance Company of America have added her work to their collections. She has exhibited in many Northwest galleries and is represented by the Lorinda Knight Gallery and The Northwest Museum of Art and Culture as well as by Art Source LA.

Painting by Kathleen Cavender

"Looking Up"
18x24in, Oil on panel

Painting by Kathleen Cavender

"Survival Tactics"
36x44in, Oil on panel

Judy Crowe   
Spring, Texas, USA

I consider myself a contemporary representational impressionist. It’s the way that I see the world and my hope is that others will enjoy looking at God’s creation in a little different way than they have in the past. I began painting seriously after a move to Houston and I began studying with Lindy Daly and also with Dick Turner in 1989. Since then, I’ve been fortunate to take workshops with some of the most talented artists in the country. Recently I was chosen as one of the art world’s “Leading Ladies” by American Art Collector Magazine as well as being published in International Artist’s Magazine’s “Still Life, How did I paint that?”. I’ve garnered some awards with Oil Painter’s of America, The American Impressionist’s Society and others.

You can contact me via phone, 832.640.7131 or email,

Painting by Judy Crowe

"Clear Morning Light"
12x16in, Oil

Painting by Judy Crowe

"Long Morning Shadow"
9x12in, Oil

Claudia Davis   
Granbury, Texas, USA

Claudia paints in a loose representational style. The majority of her work is plein air,which means painting from life. She and her husband travel about four months of the year within the western United States. The changing landscape, gardens and architecture continually inspire Claudia to paint each location as they travel.

Claudia has studied with national artists such as Louis Escobedo, John Budicin, John Petotschnik, Martin Grelle, Bruce Green, George Hallmark, Kay Franklin and others. All of her instruction has centered around painting from life.

Claudia feels that art is a subject that is never completely learned. “The more you know the more you realize what you don’t know. Art is a wonderful adventure of learning, studying and reaching for new goals. Each time you pick up a paint brush, see the light hit a subject or see a new landscape for the first time the excitement is renewed. “

Painting by Claudia Davis

"Gate to the Rose Garden"
8x10in, Oil

Painting by Claudia Davis

"Looking South to Yellowstone"
24x30in, Oil


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